Guide 2: What is crypto currency?

What is crypto currency? 

Crypto currency is the term given to a new format of digital currency that enables you to buy goods and services all over the world, using a just one currency. 
It has been designed to answer the inefficiencies and problems that today's paper and electronic money have in our global trading society. 
It provides a new level of security for money. It is exponentially harder to 'hack' or 'leak' your data than traditional money systems.
Crypto Currency cannot be influenced by governments or politicians, meaning it is built to be 'unquestionably fair' all over the world.  
If you go on holiday and use crypto currency to pay for items, you do not need to worry about currency exchange costs. Crypto currency offers a singular currency for the world. 

What problems does Crypto solve?

Please explain, how is crypto currency more secure?