Guide 2: What is crypto currency?

How is crypto currency more secure? 

Crypto currency is built on a technology called blockchain. You may have heard of blockchain, but not understand what it is. Let's explain. 
Blockchain is a new technology that provides significant security enhancements compared to the way your money is currently stored and handled.
Here's why:

Today, no blockchain

Whenever any of these people want to buy something, their Credit Card connects to their bank/card-issuer's central server. That server accepts or denies the transaction.
This is also where their records/data are stored. If someone 'hacks' or 'leaks' that server the data can be changed. 

Crypto Currency, with blockchain

This is how the blockchain works. This customer places a transaction with crypto currency. Instead of one central point that accepts or denies it, a network of thousands of independent machines all check together. When enough machines on the network have confirmed its legitimacy, the transaction is accepted. 
This is more secure because it means over 50% of this huge network must be malicious (or 'hacked') in order for it to be wrong; as a hacker, you can't just hack one server!

Understanding Blockchain in 30 seconds

So that's the security in a nutshell. So what else should I know?