Guide 2: What is crypto currency?

So it's secure, what else should i know? 

Every country or union has it's own currency. The USA has the $, the UK the £, the Eurozone has the €.
The value of these currencies fluctuate based on what happens in politics.

For example: 

In the UK, if there is bad news about Brexit, the value of the £ falls, means buying coffee in Spain becomes more expensive if you earn in £GBP
In the USA if Trump says something the world doesn't agree with, the $ is worth less.
With today's money, political actions have consequences on everyone's current money. This is not the same with Crypto Currency.
Crypto Currency ​does not have a political affiliation, the backbone is based solely on maths, and maths alone. As governments take action, Crypto Currencies are not impacted. 
Shall we sum up what Crypto Currency is in a few sentences