Guide 3: Why should I use crypto currency?

Why should I use crypto currency?

By adopting a global and singular crypto currency, businesses (or just people who trade items) are able to lower their costs, safe in the knowledge that the items they are selling are being bought in a secure environment and without a need for currency exchange.
In addition both buyers and sellers understand that their currency cannot be impacted by 'the news' (or government actions), meaning the value is not impacted by world events (good or bad).
1 Unit of crypto currency is the same all over the world. It's simple, 1 = 1 in every country. 

For example: are a large shopping portal (a bit like Amazon). If you pay with Crypto Currency on you'll pay a lower price than if you pay with traditional currencies. 
So, by using crypto currency you can make savings on items you want to buy, all across the world. 
Crypto Currency is still young, so whilst not accepted everywhere, that is the mission of those (including us) who are helping to build it. 

It is very simple to get Crypto Currency, and enable you to benefits all over the world. Let's get started...