Guide 4: How do I get crypto currency?

How do I get crypto currency?

Owning crypto currency, is just like having mobile-banking on your phone or computer.
  • Download: You install a free app to send (e.g. pay for items) and receive crypto currency. This is often called your 'crypto wallet' or just 'wallet' for short.  
  • Secure: You password protect your account to keep it secure. 
  • Receive Crypto: Inside the app you have an account number (or 'address') you give to people who want to send you money. 
  • Send/Pay with Crypto: If you need to pay for something, they give you an 'address' (or an image code to scan)​.
  • Get Crypto: We'll show you how to get crypto straight to your phone, for free! 

Don't be confused

There are a handful of different crypto coins who are vying to become 'the' singular global currency.
For example, you may have heard of 'BitCoin'. Although many exist, for the purpose of this guide we are focussing on the coin 'MonetaryUnit', also known as 'MUE' (said:MEW). It looks like this: 
So let's get started. Next up, downloading a wallet.